Welcome to Mas Geli

With passion and a radiant smile, Anna is the soul of Mas Geli. She left behind a promising artistic career to immerse himself in the world of wine. This change of direction led her to study sommelier at CETT (Barcelona) while working at the restaurant Disfrutar, today considered the best restaurant in the world.

After completing her training in Barcelona, Anna decided to follow her family’s dream: to plant vines in Pals, on land where vines were already grown in the past.

In 2014, together with her brother Lluís, they started this adventure when they were only 19 and 21 years old.

Lluís is a musician and has been trained in film soundtrack composition, as well as in conducting orchestras and choirs. It is for this reason that he is responsible for the Mas Geli Fest festival, bringing his experience and passion for music to this festival so recognized by the winery.

In Mas Geli’s vineyard, native varieties of the DO Empordà are cultivated, following organic and regenerative farming practices, treating the vineyard like a home garden, with exceptional dedication and care.


In order to take care of a garden, you have to be present. Thus, the brothers decided to live next to the vineyard, making sure that each vine received the attention and affection it deserved. Today and every day we work with the illusion and dedication that future generations can follow this project.

Welcome to Mas Geli, where wine and passion meet to create unforgettable moments.

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